Viral jalan pintas dapatkan Vaksin Covid dengan cara FAQ Mysejahtera?

Tular di media sosial tentang kaedah cara untuk mempercepatkan penerimaan daftar vaksin negara melalui FAQ mysejahtera.

Samaada betul atau tidak, NM pun cuba nak pastikan adakah ia benar-benar berkesan atau tidak.

Kaedah yang dikatakan adalah dengan melalui apps mysejahtera > Helpdesk > Start > other quiries > other issues. Kemudian cerita tentang tarikh yang anda telah daftar program vaksin bila dan seterusnya minta mereka semak status anda.

NM dah buat sebijik macam yang diajar tu.

Dan selepas 2 hari, NM terima email macam ni.

Gagal teknik juga ini. Malah di media sosial juga KKM telah mengeluarkan statement berkaitan penularan viral ini di twitter KKM Wilyah Persekutuan yang menafikan dakwaan tersebut :

“Salam Sejahtera,

This is our automated response to give you a guide on a faster way to solve your issue using our interactive helpdesk.
If you have an issue other than those covered within the interactive helpdesk, please reply on this email ( do not write a new email – you will get this automated response again). We received more than a million emails this week and we will endeavor to reply to you within 5-7 working days.

On an important note, recently many users have sent requests to the helpdesk for vaccine preference and some of them asked when they will get an appointment. Please find the latest update from National COVID-19 Immunization Program (PICK) task force.
As you are aware, vaccination appointments are given in stages according to certain phases.

There is no special arrangement or shortcut to secure an appointment, as claimed in a viral message recently. Choosing the vaccine type is also not allowed under PICK.

For information, several states have started their Phase 3 of vaccination for residents of Malaysia aged 18 and above. At the same time, the daily vaccination rate has recorded 250,000 doses per day and this will be intensified with a target of achieving 300,000 doses a day in July.

As such, we urge the public to wait for their turn and not be easily deceived by unverified or fake news in order to get an appointment.”


Yang pasti pihak KKM pasti sedang melakukan yang terbaik untuk kita semua. Pengalaman dah ada. Jadi hentikan viral pada benda yang tidak pasti. Nanti NM teruja untuk mencuba juga.

Moh sama-sama kita bersabar dan menunggu giliran.

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